District AGM


is on


(There will be a porter on duty at the doors under the canopy in Merriel Street from 6.30.)

The plan is to assemble from 7.00 to 7.30

Formal agenda of AGM from 7.30 to 8.00

Social agenda from 8.00

Last year the displays put on by various sections were excellent and many people made very favourable comments about them. The hope is that we can do the same and build this aspect of the AGM up. The displays can be about anything your section/Group has done in 2010. The 7.00 to 7.30 time slot is the opportunity to “set out your stall”, as it were and then as soon as the formal agenda is complete, and that doesn’t take long, it is hoped that everybody will visit the displays. As last year the best practice would be to let youngsters man the display to stop leaders putting on a display and then seeing what others had displayed.

Everybody is welcome – and the County Commissioner will be making a presentation of the SILVER ACORN to BARBARA DAVIES

Steve Broadhurst

p.s. In the “managers” supplement to the recent issue of Scouting it suggests AGM stands for ADVENTUROUS GROUP MISSIONS or A GOOD MEETING can I suggest ANIMATED GATHERING of MEMBERS?

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Silver Acorn

Barbara Davies, Cub Leader from 15th St Giles & St Georges Cub Pack, was presented her Silver Acorn from Steve Broardhurst (DC) at the District Cub Camp on Sunday.


More photos are in our Gallery.


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77th Audley given £60,000!

The 77th Audley Group have been generously given £60,000 from the estate of the late Derek Roper. Mr. Roper decided that the money from his estate should be given to various charities. The money will enable Audley Group to rebuild part of their Scout Hut.

More information can be read in the Sentinel’s story.

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St. George’s Day Parade

Many Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders and members of the Guide movement, gathered today in Queen’s Gardens to mark the annual St. George’s Day Parade. The weather was kind to us and the turn out was good.

The parade went up the Ironmarket, passed by the War Memorial, where the parade was inspected by the Mayor and the Scout and Guide Commissioners, and then onto a service of celebration at St. Giles’ Church.

The theme this year was the Beaver’s 25th Birthday celebrations.

More photos can be seen on 1st Porthill’s Gallery & 74th Silverdale’s (if anyone has any photos they’d like to share, please let us know).

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New ADC Scouts

I am very pleased to be able to announce that the District now has a new ADC (Scouts). Ian Emmens has been appointed to replace Chris Durham.

Ian has been a Scout Leader at the 15th for a number of years and was one of the leaders who had been asked by Chris to act as a District Leader. As many of you will know he is married to our ADC (Beavers) Karen Emmens.

The “handover”, as such, was at the most recent Scout Leaders’ Meetring and already plans are being fleshed out with regard a District Camp, Archery Competition and a re-invented Night Hike.

Can I take this public opportunity to thank Chris for his time as ADC and wish Ian all the very best as he takes on this role.

Steve Broadhurst
District Commissioner

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Flying High Gang Show

Flying High 2011, is the 79th URC’s gang show. It is on at United Reformed Church, Stafford Avenue, Clayton on Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th and Friday 6th May.

Tickets are £7.00 for adults and £5 concessions with a discount for block bookings. Unfortunately, or fortunately for us, we are sold out for the Friday.

Telephone 08452250159 for tickets.

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Congratulations to Barbara Davies (St Giles and St George’s Group and Training Adviser) on the announcement in Scouting Magazine of her being awarded the Silver Acorn in this year’s 2011 St George’s Day Awards.

She is in good company – Congratulations also to the County Commissioner, Jeremy Cotton, for being awarded the Silver Acorn, in this year’s list.

Steve Broardhurst
District Commissioner

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Don’t Raise Our Rents

Please take the time to visit the Don’t Raise Our Rents website and sign the petition against unfair rises in rent paid by Groups with their own buildings.


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25th Knutton’s Table Top Sale



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77th Audley Scout Group – Can You Help?

Audley Scout Group has always been, and still is, a very successful Group, but over the last two years or so has lost a number of Leaders, mainly through changes in job circumstances, and is really struggling to cope and recruit replacements.

If I was to say it operates a successful programme with one leader acting as Cub Scout Leader & Beaver Scout Leader (with an Assistant in the Pack and the Colony), without a Scout Leader but with Assistant Scout Leaders (neither of whom can take on SL because of work rotas and one of whom is likely to move away) and without a Group Scout Leader to co-ordinate any recruitment – you’d see the problem.

The likelihood is that it will become necessary to shut the Troop before the summer unless we find a solution, or at least a temporary solution, to the Scout Leader problem and really we could do with increasing leadership in all areas. The group HAS tried to recruit but has yet to succeed.

If anybody feels they can be part of a solution on a temporary (or of course permanent) basis – could you please contact me  (via the Contact page) so we can discuss things?

Steve Broadhurst
District Commissioner

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