At last night’s District Executive Meeting there were a number of points mentioned that really ought to be communicated to yourselves directly.

Firstly – A decision was made about the 2012 District AGM. It had been felt that the Civic Offices had been a success for the actual meeting but not so for the less formal displays side. Mindful of the national alcohol policy, St George’s Hall (where St Giles and St George Group meet – behind the church at the Newcastle end of The Brampton ) has been booked for 28th June. As in previous years the intention is to gather at 7.00 to set out displays, have the formal AGM at 7.30 with an invite to view displays as soon after that as possible, and at the latest at 8.00. All sections are invited to put on a display about something they have done in the year that was a success – to show off and to share good ideas.

Secondly – A reminder that the district’s big “public window” Castle Capers will be at the Mitchell Arts Centre in Hanley between 10th and the 14th April. Castle Capers is a first rate activity for those who take part and an opportunity to show off Scouting. These are the two most important aspects and are “well in hand” with rehearsals going well and invites to civic and scouting “worthies” extended. Capers is also a feel good experience for everybody in Scouting and a vehicle for fund raising. The financial aim of the show is to break even but through obtaining grants, operating a raffle etc. there is a potential to raise funds. Unfortunately there is also the possibility of making a loss. Please come along and support the show. Tickets – 0845 2250159

Thirdly – I am extremely happy to be able to officially announce that Newcastle District has a functioning Network section. Anybody aged 18 to 25 is eligible and while it is necessary to pay a membership fee, if they hold an appointment either within Newcastle or elsewhere, it is likely that that will be covered. (i.e. Nobody pays more than one membership fee) The remit of the section is to facilitate completion of Queen’s Scout and Duke of Edinburgh Awards where required, to take part in appropriate activities and (for some) to allow contact to be maintained while away at college. Members do need CRB clearance. At present the Network meets monthly and has already taken part in a number of activities and have more planned. Contact the Network via the DESC (either Viv Bradford or Paul Kelsall) or on Facebook.

Oh …. they are trying to get a flag to parade at St George’s Day – has anybody got a spare pole or/and scout emblem that they might attach their flag to?

Fourthly – Now the census is complete and membership fees are collected, it is the time where a number of people in the district react to the information received. I do a little of this but Linda Baddeley compiles information for a directory and reports on the questions asked to the Executive (There are a number of groups who have yet to give her that section of info!) and Mike Deakin tries to square what has been declared, with what is on the National database. Can the Executive remind everybody that appointments are made by the Appointments Committee and administered through the Appointments Secretary. AA Forms, OH Forms and Change of Appointment Forms are available from Mike or on line – but all appointments should be officially administered. The most common problem is where people leave or they change/add roles – please keep Mike fully informed through appropriate paperwork.

All GSLs have a copy of the new Module 1 DVD (further copies can be ordered from Scout Base) and when AA or OH Forms are signed by GSL or DESC (and they must be signed thus or they will be returned) we need to be sure that people are then given the DVD to watch. Before anybody attends the Appointment Interview they will be asked if they have seen it and the process will be further delayed if they haven’t.

Briefly – While I am in “reminding mode” – can I remind everybody that if there is an accident at either a meeting or an activity then the procedure is to inform the district (Me, if possible – but an ADC if not) Should “external agencies” be involved (ambulance etc. or even the parent took the youngster to the doctors the following day) there should be an official Accident Form from Gilwell. The reason I like to know if there is an accident is so I can ensure appropriate accidents are covered by official forms.

Lastly – Can I congratulate the District on another successful year. We were slightly down in numbers but largely through one, hopefully temporary, closure of a section. Most groups either maintained numbers or gained. The group who “grew” most was Porthill and the second biggest “grower” was Red Street. Special congratulations to them.


Sunday APRIL 22nd 2012

The Service will be held at St Giles’ Church, beginning at 3 pm

ASSEMBLY: Parade to assemble in the Queen’s Gardens at 2.30 pm for a 2.45 pm start. The order of the Parade will be: Band; Scout and Guide flag party; Beaver Scouts and Rainbow Guides; Cub Scouts and Brownie Guides; Scouts carrying District flag; Scouts, Guides, Explorer Scouts, Ranger Guides and Members of the Scout Network. (Although Explorer Young Leaders might well prefer to parade with sections they work with and this is fine)

UNIFORM: Please encourage all Members to wear correct uniform with GROUP SCARF and NO JEANS. Youngsters should be asked to wear adequate underclothing beneath their uniform so that they may parade without an assortment of coats if the weather is dry (protective clothing should be worn if it is wet).

PARADE ROUTE: (Subject to police approval) The parade will proceed up the Ironmarket, turning right into the High Street. The salute will be taken by the Mayor at the Cenotaph, after which the parade will move directly into the church.

FLAGS: Scout and Guide flags will be at the front of the parade to provide a ceremonial head of the parade and to accompany the Union Flag.. Other flags will be in front of their Section or Unit. A small contingent of Scouts will carry flags in front of the Scout Section. The Union Flag will be at the front of the parade and will continue to St Giles’. One Leader will be at the front of each Section, all others at the rear of the Section or Unit.

At St Giles’ Church, all flags will form up on either side of the drive as they arrive ready for the Mayor’s arrival. They will enter the church after the Mayor is seated.


Over the last few years there have been flags paraded in church that did not attend the rehearsal – this does make it very difficult for the organisers – please try to encourage as many as possible to attend the rehearsal. If not at the rehearsal flag bearers may be asked not to parade in church as too many bearers do not know the procedure.

COLLECTORS: Four from the Scout Association and four from the Guide Association, to be supervised by Scout Active Support members.

DISMISSAL: Parade will be dismissed by the Parade Marshal inside the Church at about 4.00 pm.


Each Section Leader should designate a landmark at which to meet parents after the dismissal and escort youngsters to that place.

The identity of the Parade Marshall will be revealed nearer the day.

REFRESHMENTS: Refreshments will be served after the service in the church hall for guests and Leaders.

PARENTS AND INVITED GUESTS: A few seats are reserved for our invited guests at the front of the church. Parents are most welcome to attend subject to space limitations, but should leave the Church promptly at the end of the Service to avoid congestion by the doorway. Leaders should arrange to meet parents in a designated place after the Service (see above).

Steve Broadhurst (DC)