It is always hard to assess just how well an activity has gone – Just exactly what criteria do you use to make the assessment?

Castle Capers 2012 can be judged in a number of ways –

  • Firstly as a Scout Activity it was an incredible success – the County Commissioner gave us a useful framework when she said: “…the opportunity it affords of being part of a team to achieve a successful end.” So many youngsters had that opportunity and gained so much confidence in doing it. They will remember their part in the team for a very long time and it will have a lasting effect.
  • Secondly as an Artistic Activity it was an unqualified success according to the audience members who stopped as many people as they could on exited the theatre. Many people commented on the slick production, the quality singing, the originality of ideas, the humour and just how many cast members (and very much not just the seniors) who carried an impressive solo slot.
  • Thirdly as a Publicity Activity it was a great success. Newcastle District was able to present an activity to which it could, and did, invite both Civic and Scouting leaders. The Mayor, our new County Commissioner (and at least two past CCs), County Chair, County Secretary, at least three neighbouring District Commissioners and many, many friends from both inside and outside the area. It would have been nice to get Bear Grylls to “nip in” but he sent a very nice message in support!!
  • Fourthly as a Financial Activity it looks like being a success. There are still a few (big) bills to pay but it does look as if the activity is “on the right side” of the line financially. Castle Capers is not a fund-raising activity but it has to pay for itself and can help every single group in the district if it does make a profit.

So…. by at least four measures Castle Capers 2012 has been a very great success.

Can I thank all those who were involved and I am being purposefully name non-specific.

The production team, the cast, those working backstage, those working front-of-house, those supporting in the thousand-and-one ways behind the scenes, the show executive committee, those who ferried youngsters to rehearsals and to the Mitch, those who came to see the show …..the list is very very long.

Steve Broadhurst – DC