District Cubs

The District’s Cubs have been on a few activities during the summer. Firstly they went to Beaudesert camping in May and then in June they went to the Camelot theme park.


More pictures of the Camp here and Camelot here. All photos courtesy of Sharon Whittlestone

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Bear Grylls meets UK Scouts at the opening ceremony – 22nd World Scout Jamboree 2011

Don’t forget that one of the District’s Explorers attending the WSJ will be regularly writing about his experiences at the Jamboree here – take a look at what our lucky Explorers are getting up to.

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World Scout Jamboree, Sweden, 2011

The six lucky Explorers from the District are on their way to the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden. They met with the rest of the Staffordshire contingent at Eccleshall last night and should now have met up with the rest of the UK contingent in Copenhagen, before they travel on to the site in Sweden.


More Photos in our Gallery.

You can see the WSJ site for yourself by looking at these webcams. Can you see our Explorers?

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New County Commissioner

22 July 2011

I am pleased to announce that, after a successful search process, Paula Evans has been offered and accepted the position of County Commissioner for Staffordshire.
Paula currently holds the appointment of County Training Manager in Staffordshire and is well known to the membership in the County.
Paula comes with a wealth of Scouting experience within the Region and also having experience performing some voluntary tasks at Gilwell.
Paula is married with 2 children.
In her professional life she is a head teacher at a local school.
I would like to thank all of the members of the search committee for their hard work in bringing us to this successful conclusion.
Paula will take over from Jeremy Cotton at the County AGM on 14 September 2011 after a timely handover.
I personally would like to also thank Jeremy for his hard work in Staffordshire and for helping to mentor me as a new County Commissioner several years ago.

Dave Bramston
Regional Commissioner
West Midlands

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Letter From the County Commissioner

Our County Commissioner, Jeremy Cotton, is retiring in September and at our AGM, the District gave him a present. Below is a copy of the letter he sent to the District Commissioner.

Dear Steve

           I wanted to write to you, to express my thanks to you and all of Newcastle District for my wonderful present. A copy of “Mud, Sweat and Tears” signed by Bear himself is absolutely wonderful – truly took my breath away. I do hope you got a book fot yourself.

           I have had a wonderful time as County Commissioner and met some lovely people. I have always enjoyed the Newcastle AGMs, saying a few words, and meeting old friends. The 8 years have flown by with hardly time to draw breath. We have all come a long way together and delivered some good Scouting along the way.

          Please pass on my sincere thanks to all in Newcastle for my present and my kind regards for all they do in Scouting.

            Yours in Scouting


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Born Survivor Camp

Scouts from the District recently attended the Born Survivor Camp at Kibblestone. This camp was to teach the Scouts outdoor skills in the style of our Chief Scout, Bear Grylls.


More photos, courtesy of Barbara Davies, are in our Gallery.
See 1st Porthill’s photos in their Gallery.


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Nancy Rowe – RIP

From the Division –

I have just been informed that our Vice-President Nancy Rowe sadly passed away last Saturday, 18th June.

There will be no funeral as Nancy had donated her remains to medical research.

If I hear of any memorial service, I will let you know.

From Steve Broardhurst – DC

Those who frequented Kibblestone “long ago” will remember Nancy as Kibblestone warden Don Rowe’s wife. I have fond memories of going down, as a Patrol Leader, to the Mill House to pay camp fees and being invited in to the “back room” to wait for my receipt from Nancy. She often provided a cup of tea, unless she was too busy!! I also remember her energy during camp fires in the, now unuseable, camp fire hollow – singing a Kibblestone version of “This land is my land …. from the North-West Corner to the Boys’ Field Boundary – this land is made for you and me.”

All this was a different century – but it doesn’t feel that long ago.

 11-07-2011 UPDATE: Nancy Rowe’s memorial service will take place on Thursday 21st July at St James’s Church Longton at 3.30pm.

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District Annual General Meeting

Today was the District’s Annual General meeting which was held at the Loyal and Ancient Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme’s Council Offices. The meeting itself was held in the Council Chamber and we were honoured to have the Borough’s Deputy Mayor, Councillor Becket, as our special guest. Also attending as our guests were Jeremy Cotton, the County Commissioner, and Brian Lloyd, County Chairman.


For more photos please visit our Gallery

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District Archery Competition

Just wanted to congratulate SILVERDALE on winning the District Archery Competition – which was a very tightly fought contest.
Well done and thanks to the other troops that attended.
Big thanks to the District Leaders in helping to organise the event and make it successful, to Jill and John Griffiths and my wife, Karen, for their sterling work in the kitchen, keeping us all fed and watered!  Thanks to Charlotte Pritchard for running the tuck shop, despite masses of demanding Scouts!

Finally, thanks to Newcastle Athletics Club for kindly allowing us to use their premises for free.

Best wishes

Ian Emmens
ADC Scouts

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25th Knutton’s Appeal for Funds

The 25th Knutton Group are trying to raise enough money to buy the old Knutton Methodist Church where they meet. So far they have raised £2500 of the £8500 they need for a chance to buy the old church. The total price will be £85,000!

See the article from the Sentinel here.

Good luck to them raising the money.

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