Whitmore Cubs started their Community Impact Badge back in May; the Cubs as part of YouShape Scouting decided to support a homeless charity. They learnt all about the different types of homelessness and reasons for being homeless from the very current issue of Covid causing people financial problems, refugees, domestic violence, natural disasters and illness amongst others. They decided to raise money they would have a homeless themed sleepover for which they would raise money by doing jobs to donate when they attended.


The actual sleepover in November was back to basics no pillows, some Cubs slept on cardboard, food they cooked was picked from unlabelled tins (thinking about you get what you’re given sometimes), small portions, there were no sweets and snacks brought they willingly went right back to basics. They’ve also done many activities around homelessness to get them really thinking about how it would feel and how it can easily happen to anyone.

They raised £115 and 3 of them represented the Pack by doing a shop for The Lyme Trust. They took charge of the budget and manged to buy enough for 8 welcome packs for new arrivals inc basics such as soap, razors for men, shampoo, hair brushes, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste and even some nice warm socks. The Lyme Trust were truly thankful for these donations and we as Leaders are so proud of our Cubs as they have demonstrated that they have taken on board what they’ve learnt.