The District Executive has ratified the appointment of Jay Auckland as Director of Castle Capers 2020, of Steve Broadhurst as the show’s Chairman and of Gavin Eardley as the show’s Treasurer and Business Manager. We are now tasked with the job of putting the various show teams, necessary for a successful activity, together.

While it is essential that the show builds on the expertise of the past, it is equally essential it gives EVERYBODY in the District the opportunity to volunteer their services. It is impossible to know what amazing skills, past experiences or what willingness to learn is “out there” that would benefit Castle Capers – So, all we can do is ask!! The show needs to fill all manner of roles – from producers to ushers; on stage, front of house and back stage.

If you would like to be a part of Castle Capers 2020 – part of the production, management, business teams especially – LET US KNOW.

If you have a specific skill, experience or contact that you think might be useful to the show – LET US KNOW.

If you would like to “just help” and don’t quite know how you could be of use – LET US KNOW.

Even if you’ve been a part of the team for ages – let us know you still want to be part of the 2020 team.

After a really successful show in 2018 (in terms of being a successful Scout activity, a thoroughly entertaining evening, being financially sound and excellent public relations for Newcastle Scouting) we all look forward to an even more successful show in 2020 ……. and the planning has already started.

Please reply, with a note of how you feel you might want to help, by visiting our contact page by January 19th.