Those involved in Castle Capers between 1980 and 1990 will remember, with a good deal of fondness, the time when June Eilledge was in charge of wardrobe. Well to be honest – a huge number of people in Newcastle will remember June for being such an excellent friend to Scouting over many years.
She started her involvement in Scouting as a parent (of Ian and Mark) at 14th Basford Group sometime in the 1970’s and was one of those parents who were totally supportive of the Group. Later, in 1980, she took over the wardrobe department of Capers and the running of hiring costumes out from an attic room in the Brampton area.
I last saw her in the audience of Capers 2018 and remarked to her how well she looked – so I was shocked to firstly hear of her recent spell in hospital and, even more so, of her passing away on Thursday 9th August.
Her funeral is at St John’s Methodist Church Wolstanton on August 21st at 11.15.
June always had a smile on her face and simply could not do enough to help you – she will be very sadly missed indeed.
Steve Broadhurs

June checking a costume. From the 1992 Castle Capers Programme