79th Clayton’s Scouts have decided to take part in the Million Hands Project (click the link to find out more).

The Troop decided to look at Mental Health (this is one of the areas of the project) as they thought this is an issue that is rarely discussed and people don’t really think of mental issues as a big problem. They thought they would help make sure people are more aware of mental health and make people feel comfortable talking about it.

79th Canal

So they decided to get in touch with the Canal and River Trust to adopt a section of the Trent & Mersey Canal. The section they have adopted is between bridges 108 and 109. The Scouts will be visiting the canal on several occasions to tidy up the area and create things to make people aware of mental health, such as a bench with a plaque on it. They have lots of ideas to make this part of the canal, not only a lovely place to be, but also a place to remind people that mental health is a problem and should be talked about.

You can follow their progress on the website they’ve set up for the project.