Members of the cast were interviewed on Radio Stoke on Monday, the day before the show started.

A review from the Sentinel –

The Newcastle-under-Lyme District Scout Council proudly present

Castle Capers Gang Show 2016

The biggest gang in the area are back with another fantastic scout gang show.

Following Lord Baden Powell’s introduction of the Scout movement in 1907, it was felt that eight to ten year old boys should be catered for as junior scouts.

Thus finalising his plans in 1916,the gang are celebrating the Centenary of Cub Scouts. Wolf Cubs as the fledgling movement began life, were themed around his friend and neighbour Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale The Jungle Book.

It is also the thirtieth birthday for Beavers. Castle Capers also are also celebrating forty two years of Gang Shows.

A production team of seven had the unenviable task of coordinating upwards of one hundred Scouts, Cubs and Beavers on stage and deserve a special mention Jay, Amy, Rob, Rachel, Karen, Andrew and Heather – take a bow.

The show hit the ground running with a big upbeat opening number seemingly involving everyone in a toe-tapping-tastic start that set the tone of what was to come.

The well named Beaversaurus trooped on stage. Imagine a prehistoric Bernie Clifton sketch with jokes almost as old, told by very young dinky dinosaurs, it certainly tickled a few bronto ribs in the audience.

There were some typical Gang show shenanigans, with some of the Leaders being shown just how to do it by the younger cast members, with hilarious results.

A very fitting tribute to one Mr David Bowie which was very touching – well done for that gang.

A few liberties were taken with Oliver at the start of Act II, hence no doubt the, ‘With a Twist’. I almost had to restrain my wife from joining the cast on stage, luckily they didn’t do “Consider Yourself” or she would have been there.

The accomplished four piece band covered the quite diverse musical material really well under the guidance of musical director Tim Sagar.

Simple stage setting, augmented with a few props, the best of which, belonged to the “Scout with tape on his face”. His performance was slick and well rehearsed, although his victims weren’t quite as well behaved. Surely a future Edinburgh Festival favourite.

A well lit show with some very effective back projections helping to create the mood.

There were too many good performances to single anyone out. There was some real potential shown which will hopefully encourage these youngsters in the cast do more stage work.

This type of show is down to the sum of its parts and this added up really well.

Enthusiastic performance, a great confidence booster for all aspects of daily life.

Castle Capers runs until Saturday 2nd April
Review by Alan Bruce

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