A number of Newcastle’s Scouts have been lucky enough to join the Staffordshire contingent to the 2015 World Scout Jamboree in Japan.

One of the Newcastle group, Nakita, is sending updates back home and these will be added to this page as the Jamboree continues.


Sunday 26/07/15: Just landed in Osaka, getting ready to leave to meet mayor and host families.

Tuesday 28/07/15: Jamboree site is fab very very big! We’re next to showers and toilets which is great! Stage is a couple of pitches across from us and made lots of friends in the bullet train by marching up and down in different countries! My contingent sang Charlie is a Pigeon but then joined in on other songs from other countries. Loving the experience so far!

Wednesday 29/07/15: Today has been extremely hot, I’ve sat in the shade all day and still burnt! Opening ceremony at 5.30pm (8 hours ahead of UK) so looking forward to meeting all the other countries and seeing the UK flag flying proudly!

You can see pictures Nakita is sending back in the Gallery.