We are very pleased to announce that three Leaders have been recognised in this year’s St George’s Day Awards, for their outstanding service to Scouting.

Graham Baddeley and Pat Viggars have been awarded the Silver Acorn, the second highest award for Adult Leaders.
Graham has been with 74th Silverdale for many years along with being on the District Executive, on the District Training team and in the Scouts Active Support Unit to name but a few roles!
Pat is Beaver Leader and Group Scout Leader at 25th Knutton as well as being Assistant County Commissioner (Beavers) and on the District Executive.


Silver Acorn

Mike Deakin has been awarded the Silver Wolf, which is the highest award for Adult Leaders.
Mike has also been with 74th Silverdale for many years and has recently stepped down from the role of District Appointments Secretary and is also on the District Executive.


Silver Wolf

All three Leaders have many years of service to Scouting in Newcastle and have held many roles within their Groups, the District, the (old) Division and the County.

We would like to offer our congratulations and thanks to Pat, Graham and Mike for all their service and hard work over the years in Newcastle District and we look forward to seeing them at the Windsor Parade in April.