2015 sees an exciting time for Scouting with the release of the 6-18 Programme this month, a revised Scout Network provision in the spring and the Year of Adventure for Cub Scouts in the lead up to Cub100 – the Centenary celebrations.

Lots of information regarding the changes to the 6-18 Programme is available to view at scouts.org.uk/programmeupdates, which was released in November to all.

The timeline for the full release of the 6-18 Programme will be:

  • 15 January – Email to Deputy and Assistant County and District Commissioners with timeline
  • 16 January – Summary of key messages and release date in ScoutingPlus
  • 18 January – Regional Commissioner meeting update
  • 19 January – Training enews
  • 26 January – Full release of all information including badge requirements
  • 31 January – Postal letter to section leaders

Social media will be used throughout this period.

Badge secretaries and local Scout Shops have been communicated with from Scout Shops Ltd and badges are now available to be purchased in preparation for 26 January. Resources will be available shortly.

Also coming soon is a Brand refresh. The revised brands are now more clearly part of a single family and will make their grand entrance in January.

This work has been done in close consultation with young people and adults in the Movement; further details are available in the Dec/Jan issue of Scouting magazine. Guidelines and artwork will be available at scouts.org.uk/brand in early 2015. Click here for an FAQ relating to the brand refresh.