Flag_of_CanadaCenturion Explorers spent some time in Canada this summer. Here is what they got up to –

A little over 2 years ago now, the Leaders at Centurion were talking about how good it was to take the Explorers to Canada Toronto some 5 years a ago and we thought could we do it again . . .

Getting in touch with the Canadian Leaders was easy and with help from Scouts Canada, we had a link formed with 40th Marpole Scouts (and a very nice fella called Art), based in Vancouver British Columbia.

As the links grew and the fundraising commenced over the next 2 years we got more and more excited. When the day finally came our group of 42 strong was “buzzing”.
After a long flight, we met the leaders from 40th Marpole at the airport who took us on the SkyTrain to their hut. We spent 2 days at the hut and checked out the city of Vancouver as well as a day trip to Grouse Mountain, where the Explorers did aerial zip wires between mountains, watched Lumberjack shows, birds of pray shows and even saw a real bear (in captivity).
Following 2 fun-filled days our adventure moved to Byng Camp. After a short ferry and bus ride we arrived at an interior campsite located in Roberts Creek BC called Camp Byng. While on Camp Byng we met some of the 40th Marpole Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and held a joint campfire, well a fake one due to the fire ban, all thanks to the amazing weather.
We built a pioneering project with poles and trees felled by ourselves thanks to the wonderful Ranger Brent – he informed us wardens work in prisons in Canada! Nevertheless he did a fantastic job looking after us.
We also did some canoeing and sea kayaking in Lamb Bay thanks to the amazing people at Pedals and Paddles who arranged for a special treat from a First Nation resident; Andy, who sang some songs of his people and gave us an incite and history of his culture. It felt like the hottest day of the trip and we witnessed some breath taking scenery and wildlife including a wild seal.
While on Camp Byng we able to do some mountain biking around the 250 acre site, explored the local area and used the on site beach for the next few days before moving on back to Vancouver. This was where we were able to do our final bit of sightseeing and souvenir shopping before making the long trip home.

Stu Fletcher – Explorer Leader Centurion

Images courtesy of Centurion

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