newcastleAfter discussion with the soon to be District Commissioner in Newcastle District some of the Young Leaders have come to the decision to set up a new “Youth Executive”.

This will be made up of representatives from Groups across the District aiming to discuss any issues we have within the District whether this be DofE, YL and discussing how we can have more of an active role in District event planning in co-operation with the District Executive.

We feel that the younger leadership role in Scouting is just as important as the older leadership team, as those who have recently been through Scouting understand what appeals to the younger members of the Groups in a different way to Leaders who have been in Scouting for many years.

The Youth executive will hopefully be doing a lot of work towards the DC challenge to promote Scouting in the local area &seeking fresh ideas from a younger audience.

For example, an idea discussed was possibly making eDofE more accessible as a District, not just looking at issues and problems to tell the Executive, but coming up with the solutions and ways to sort things out to make Scouting life in Newcastle District more accessible. .
We will hopefully get enough interest to start up a committee entirely separate to the actual District Executive. We will meet up once every two months or so to discuss anything that may relate to what is written above. Then, a couple of reps from the Youth executive will pitch these ideas to the actual District Executive at Exec meetings.
We are looking for at least two members from each Group within Newcastle District aged between 16-20 to become members of the Newcastle District Youth Executive.
Anyone interested please contact us via the Contact page.