cub-logo-smallI am pleased to announce that I have just appointed Laura Alcock as ADC Cubs, after a long period without anybody in that role.

Laura has been Cub Leader at 14th Basford for many years and up until her appointment as ADC she has been Assistant County Commissioner for Cubs. She is stepping down from this role.

Since the resignation of Richard Anderson, sometime in 2013, the Cub Scout section has continued with absolutely no noticeable loss of speed and on behalf of everybody in the District, can I thank all those who enabled that to happen – especially to Sharon who has done considerably more than her “secretary” to the Cub Section role.

I’m sure you will join with me in the thanks and in wishing Laura the very best.

Having filled one role, another becomes vacant!!

scouts-logo-smallAs many of you will know, Ian Emmens has found it necessary to step down as ADC Scouts.

I would like to thank Ian for his work in the role and wish him the very best in the future – he is staying within Scouting in Newcastle but at slightly less dizzy heights!

Within the next week or so I will call a meeting for all Scout section leaders to see if we can sort oput a couple of District Scout section events and ensure the information for the County’s BIG CAMP at Beau has got to everybody.

Steve Broadhurst
District Commissioner