The Scouting Memorial Project

The Scouting Memorial Project is a national campaign designed to raise awareness of “Remembrance”. It aims to raise funds to build and maintain a Scouting memorial to remember those who have given service to Scouting and their communities, especially those members of Scouting who have suffered through conflict.

The Scouting Memorial will be sited at the National Memorial Arboretum located in the centre of England in Staffordshire and will lie within Lichfield Scouting District.

The National Memorial Arboretum is the UK’s year-round centre of remembrance. The Arboretum commemorates and celebrates those who have given their lives in the service of their country, all who have served and suffered as a result of conflict, and others who, for specific or appropriate reasons, are commemorated.
The Scouting Memorial will join memorials already set up at the Arboretum by other youth organisations including Trefoil Guild, Boys Brigade, Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade.

To raise money for this worthy project a badge is being sold to be worn on the uniform. Click on the badge below to visit the Project’s website and buy lots of badges!


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