Just before the summer break I had an email from Richard Anderson saying he was having to step down as ADC Cubs and so we are in the position of  being without an ADC Cubs again.

I have mentioned the situation at the last Cub Scout Leaders’ Meeting – so some will already know that I am inviting nominations for the post. Please let me know your thoughts as soon as possible. While I do not see the need to rush into a new appointment, not having anybody in post inevitably puts a lot of strain on those who undertake to “fill in the gaps” in the meantime. Please ask around – the post does not have to be filled by an existing Cub Leader.

Can I take this opportunity to thank Richard for his short time in the role , everybody agrees he was making real progress, and to thank the “hole fillers”!

Steve Broardhurst
District Commissioner

If anyone is interested in this post, please contact Steve directly or via the ‘Contact Us’ page.