The 15th  has moved to a new Hall in Newcastle . They now meet at The Harriet Higgins Hall, Rotterdam Rd, Off Orme Rd. Newcastle.

As with all moves there are a couple of changes and things you need to be aware of…..

Beavers are meeting on a Monday at 6pm as before

Explorers/YLU follow on at 7.45pm

Cubs now meet on a WEDNESDAY 6-7.30PM

Scouts also meet on a WEDNESDAY 7.45 – 9.45PM

You are all welcome to come and see them – although they do plan to have an open day once they get settled in – so watch out for the invite.

As regards to parking –

There is a small car park to the left of the hall and road parking to the right of the hall – please try NOT to park in front of the houses on Rotterdam Rd, as one home in particular has a team of regular carers visiting and it is vital that they always have somewhere to park.