Castle Capers celebrates 40 years in 2014 (the first Capers being in 1974).

“Castle Capers” is an aspect of Newcastle Scouting that everybody within the District can feel deeply proud of. “Castle Capers” has a very public face and is one of the few occasions where people outside the District (both Scouting outsiders and non-Scouting outsiders) see the District working together for a common goal and succeeding magnificently. A Scout Show is also very much not everybody’s “cup of tea” yet does need those involved to have quite a degree of expertise.

The District Executive, and everybody involved with recent shows, acknowledges that as we head towards the Anniversary Show there is a real need to get a greater percentage of the District involved in all aspects of the show. Within the District there is a great deal of expertise that needs to be passed on to people who can take the show on towards its 50th and 60th anniversaries. The District Executive also acknowledges that there is an incorrect feeling that those presently involved in the show wouldn’t welcome new faces and maybe that people who would like to get involved feel they don’t have the necessary expertise. Both feelings are wrong. Everybody is welcome, there is tremendous expertise untapped and expertise can be gained over time where it is necessary.

The ideal situation would be that all youngsters and adults in the District feel they have an opportunity to be a part of the team. Only a minority will wish to be involved (as with almost any Scouting activity) but everybody should feel they know what opportunities are there and that they could be involved should they wish to be. Another ideal would be that every Group in the District has involvement in some form or other and consequently every part of the District really feels the District Show is theirs.

Please consider this an invitation to EVERYBODY to consider whether they wish to be involved in Castle Capers 2014 (and on into the future) in whatever capacity – Production Team, Cast, Executive, Back Stage, Front of House, Audience ….
The District Executive needs to appoint an Castle Capers Executive to start discussing plans for 2014 and would really like to involve new faces (along with experienced older ones, of course) So now is as appropriate a time as any to ask for volunteers to help in any capacity whatsoever to get the ball rolling for

(the 40th Anniversary Show)

…. you can’t say you weren’t asked!!

…..especially when I ask everybody to pass this invitation around the District as widely as you can. The Production Team has already started to mentor new members and we would dearly like to form a Show Executive along the same lines – and as soon as possible.
I really look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Broadhurst
District Commissioner