Dear All
There were meetings held in 2012 to try and resurrect Screamline for 2014 for the 80th anniversary of Gang Shows in North Staffordshire.

In May the 3 Districts in the Division sent out a remit with the requirements that were needed before we could even consider putting Screamline onto the stage. We asked for people to put their names forward for production, and to be part of the Screamline Executive committee. We asked for these names to be forwarded prior to a meeting held in November by the 3 Divisional DCs.

Unfortunately even though there was some support shown, there was not nearly enough people to form a committee or to be part of a production team and most of the people who showed support were from 1 District which is unacceptable for a Divisional show.

The 3 DCs spent a long time discussing the future of the show, and we felt that we should give people another chance to show their support for Screamline and this time it is to be an open meeting for the 3 Districts to be held on Wednesday 16th January at Hanley Fire Station. The meeting will commence at 7.30pm and be chaired by Steve Broadhurst.

This is your opportunity to come along and show your support for Screamline and to give your views on how we could make Screamline a viable commodity for 2014.

Please pass this information on to everyone in your Group or Section and encourage them to come along with their ideas to resurrect Screamline. This really is a last chance saloon as time is already very tight for a 2014 show.

There will be ample parking at the Fire Station as we have arranged for the car park to be open for this meeting.