At the Newcastle Community & Voluntary Awards ceremony held last night, Newcastle District had four Leaders nominated for awards.

Paul & Dot Bailey from 79th URC and Pat Viggars from 25th Knutton, were nominated for the Long Term Commitment to Volunteering Award and Rachael Hickton from 1st Porthill was nominated for the Young Volunteer of the Year and Student Volunteer awards.

We are very proud to announce that Paul and Dot won the Long Term Commitment to Volunteering Award (bad luck Pat) and Rachael won the Young Volunteer of the Year Award!

From this article in the Sentinel

Another of the 13 winners, who are nominated by members of the public, was Rachael Hickton, from Porthill, who was named Young Volunteer of the Year.

The 22-year-old won for her dedication as a Beaver scout leader for 1st City Stoke-on-Trent & Newcastle, St Andrew’s Porthill Scouts.

Rachael is training to become a primary school teacher at Manchester Metropolitan University in Crewe, but still manages to dedicate her time towards helping the scout club.

She said: ” Every Friday, I look after a group of six to eight year olds and organise group activities such as climbing. Everything we do is to help build their confidence.

“At first the kids are really shy, but it’s nice when you see them develop and grow in confidence.”

Many congratulations to them all!