Having completed eleven years in the role as ADC (Cubs), Jill Griffiths has decided it is time to step aside. I know there are many leaders in the District who would want to join with me in thanking Jill for her time and commitment to the role. I am pleased to say that Jill will still retain an appointment in Newcastle.

Attending various functions in the District (or just being nosey – whichever interpretation you prefer!) I am fortunate in seeing more of what Jill has done over the eleven years than most. I remember overhearing a recent conversation about trying to fit a weekend activity into an already bulging diary and recall just how many weekends Jill was already “booked” – whether it be on a District Camp or a Group activity or helping run a cooks badge!

My wish would be that we try to make an appointment early in the new year.  As with other recent appointments, however, I would like to emphasise that is more important to get the right person than to rush into an appointment. There is a .PDF file of the role description available here and would ask everybody to consider whether they would like to nominate either themselves or somebody else for the role.

While the appointment is, maybe, most likely to be of somebody already within the Cub section – it most certainly should not be seen as only “open” to existing Cub leaders. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the appointment with me.

Steve Broadhurst
District Commissioner