From the Division –

I have just been informed that our Vice-President Nancy Rowe sadly passed away last Saturday, 18th June.

There will be no funeral as Nancy had donated her remains to medical research.

If I hear of any memorial service, I will let you know.

From Steve Broardhurst – DC

Those who frequented Kibblestone “long ago” will remember Nancy as Kibblestone warden Don Rowe’s wife. I have fond memories of going down, as a Patrol Leader, to the Mill House to pay camp fees and being invited in to the “back room” to wait for my receipt from Nancy. She often provided a cup of tea, unless she was too busy!! I also remember her energy during camp fires in the, now unuseable, camp fire hollow – singing a Kibblestone version of “This land is my land …. from the North-West Corner to the Boys’ Field Boundary – this land is made for you and me.”

All this was a different century – but it doesn’t feel that long ago.

 11-07-2011 UPDATE: Nancy Rowe’s memorial service will take place on Thursday 21st July at St James’s Church Longton at 3.30pm.