Newcastle has a real problem with success!!
Over the last few years the number of youngsters taking-up the Duke of Edinburgh Award within the Explorer section has been very healthy indeed and the District should be extremely proud of the increasing numbers of our members who are achieving Bronze and Silver Awards (with probably Gold Awards in 2011) – this is a real success story and I would like to thank all those who have helped it happen.
However there is a problem with this success!! Each Duke of Edinburgh Expedition (and practice expedition) takes a lot of “person-power” to supervise and, while everybody involved has a great time there are only so many weekends and etc etc!!
One other important factor is that several leaders who are not Explorer Leaders have joined the team and thoroughly enjoyed their involvement with D of E Award.
In essence the D of E runs via a training weekend (for 2011 that is 18 – 20th March), set practice weekends and a set assessment weekend which all need people to act as marshals and at the last planning meeting the point was made that people outside the Explorer section may well really enjoy being a part of this but would only be asked through a chance conversation, as it were.
SO …..
If you would like to get involved with the success that is –
The Duke of Edinburgh Award in Newcastle District then you are invited to come along on part of the weekend (ideally Friday night because that is the most social!!) just get in touch and express an interest.

It is a nice problem to have (getting enough people to marshal D of E) and YOU might part of a wonderful solution or might know somebody who might be part of that solution.

Yours in Scouting
Steve Broadhurst

District Commissioner