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District Team

District Commissioner – Vera Bloor
Deputy District Commissioner – Dave Gray
Assistant District Commissioner Beavers – Kirsty Viggars-McQueen
Assistant District Commissioner Cubs – Laura Boyles
Assistant District Commissioner Scouts – Paul Bailey
District Explorer Scout Commissioner – Adam Gray
Scout Active Support Unit Manager – Mike Deakin
District Appointment Secretary – Steve Broadhurst & Chris Durham
Assistant District Commissioner Advanced Development -Shaun McDonagh
Assistant District Commissioner IT & Communications & District Web Manager – Nick Wood
Assistant District Commissioner General Duties – Graham Baddeley

District Executive Committee

District Chairman – John Atkinson
District Treasurer – Kevin Stanyer
District Secretary – Linda Baddelely

Executive Committee Members
Dave Gray, Christopher Dunn, Graham Baddeley, Mike Deakin, Stephen Baddeley, John Atkinson, Nick Wood, Pat Viggars, Karen Emmens, Paul Bailey, Shaun McDonagh, Jon Alcock, Nakita Emmens, Ian Pritchard & Viv Bradford.

If you wish to contact anyone from the District Team, please use the Contact Us page.

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